Artist’s Statement

Images From the Otherworld

At a time when divisiveness rather than inclusion is often highlighted, I seek to underscore the universal within the human condition through the lens of spiritual experience. I ask viewers to question their assumption of the physical as reality and offer a perspective where the tangible coexists with a more fluid spiritual realm. Through my visionary works, I explore this intersection by merging surreal figurative elements into sacred landscapes to create a space where such boundaries of demarcation are challenged.

In my series,?Images From the Otherworld, I depict my extraordinary experiences at sacred sites in Ireland, England, and Scotland, as well as deeply personal subject matter derived from meditation, dreams, and my yoga practice. To best express the spiritual purpose of such sites, I employ imagery inspired by the shaman?s inner landscape.

My initial aim to encourage viewers to enter the world I depict has now expanded to include participatory experiences so as to engage my audience with an active role as well as a sense of place. In certain more conceptually-based works, including?The Wishing Tree Project and The Meditative Labyrinth Elemental Suite, I invite the participant to join in the creative process during the initial stage of each project, while in other multi-component painting installations, the visitor becomes a part of the work itself.

By asking viewers to connect with their concept of reality from a different perspective, I hope to inspire a psychological and holistic healing experience as I explore the role of art, belief, and the power of positive thinking on the healing process. Through all my works, I seek to engage the community directly and personally with the imagery I depict, reconnecting city dwellers to a meaningful connection with nature through the peace and transformation it can symbolize.

~ Amy Funderburk