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Here There Be Dragons: Utilizing Pareidolia in My Art Process

Tweet What do you see in the clouds above? I see a giant moose. Or someone with a tiny head, sitting back on his heels while flexing his muscles. And a pyramid in the distance. […]

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Inspiration in Paradise: A Love Letter to Puerto Rico

Tweet In December, Jimmy and I took a much-needed vacation to a place where we can just relax and recharge our batteries ? Puerto Rico. This was our third trip to the island, so it […]

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Amy and Jimmy’s Top Ten List of Haunted Places

Tweet The first edition of this post?first appeared as two feature articles in the October?2015 issue of my newsletter, Off the Easel. Decisions, decisions! Narrowing down our list of favorite haunted locations turned out to […]

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No Fooling

Tweet This post?first appeared as a feature article in the?April 2016 issue of my newsletter, Off the Easel. In my painting from 1999, 0. THE LEAP OF FAITH, I depict a rich and misunderstood archetype […]

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Taking Time:?Looking at things differently

Tweet This post originally appeared as a feature article in the March 2016 issue of my newsletter, Off the Easel. ?I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could […]

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Ready, Set…Go! Rabbit Races Turtle

Tweet Which painting should I print next as a greeting card??Cast your vote today in the Comments section below. Turtle took the leg on the 24 hour #RabbitRacesTurtle Twitter poll, but I am accepting votes […]

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Origins of a Painting: Second Sight/2nd Site

Tweet Originally published in my April 2015 issue of Off the Easel Before leaving England on our 2008 trip, I was determined to see the Rollright Stones. After all, many visitors describe this as an […]

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The Day We Left Orkney. Part I: You *Can* Get There From Here

Tweet   First edition originally published January 23, 2015 Sylvia Wishart -?Hoy Sound 1987, oil and mixed media on paper from the Pier Arts Centre Collection, used with permission ? the Estate of Sylvia Wishart […]

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Really Seeing a Place

Tweet First edition originally published March 18, 2014 The last crocuses have now been joined by armies of cheerful daffodils, bluebells, and hyacinths, all bowing their heads today under the weight of today?s sleet and […]

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Painting the negative spaces

Tweet   First edition originally published February 20, 2014 A couple of weeks prior to the deeper snow we had last week,?the winter sky delivered?just enough to coat the earth in a cold, white, fluffy, […]

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