The Wishing Tree Project

Mixed media interactive installation and the resulting charcoal and ash wish drawings

The Wishing TreeThe Wishing Tree, Clootie DetailThe Wishing Tree, Side DetailThe Wishing Tree, Base Detail1) Success – 322) Peace -- 263A) Health and Healing -- 243B) Happiness -- 24


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2012: Mixed media interactive installation.

Materials include: 150+ year old tulip poplar wood and bark on locust limb central support post; plywood base with latex paint; Irish coins; selvage linen canvas clooties, cloth and paper clooties; holy well sounds recorded in May 2010 from various wells in England and Cornwall. Dimensions variable; 11’H x  12’W x 8’D as installed at the Mary Davis Holt Gallery, Fine Art Center, Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC

2013 to present: Wishing Tree charcoal and ash drawings.

After burning the removable branches that held the wish clooties, I created each work based on the wish categories from the resulting charcoal and ash.

Examples of the holy well sounds I recorded in May 2010 that are part of the full installation:

Seven Bisley Wells – The Seven Wells of Bisley, the Costwolds, England (playing upon page load)

Madron Saint’s Cell – Madron Holy Well, the Saint’s Cell, West Penwith, Cornwall, England

St Euny’s Well #2 – Growth – one of a pair of ancient wells at Chapel Euny, west of the Carn Euny settlement, Brane, near Sancreed, West Penwith, Cornwall, England