The Wishing Tree Project

Mixed media interactive installation and the resulting charcoal and ash wish drawings

2012: Mixed media interactive installation

Materials include: 150+ year old tulip poplar wood and bark on locust limb central support post; plywood base with latex paint; Irish coins; selvage linen canvas clooties, cloth and paper clooties; holy well sounds recorded in May 2010 from various wells in England and Cornwall. Dimensions variable; 11’H x 12’W x 8’D as installed at the Mary Davis Holt Gallery, Fine Art Center, Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC

2013 to present: Wishing Tree charcoal and ash drawings

After burning the removable branches that held the wish clooties, I created each work based on the wish categories from the resulting charcoal and ash.

Examples of the holy well sounds I recorded in May 2010 that are part of the full installation:

Seven Bisley Wells – The Seven Wells of Bisley, the Costwolds, England (playing upon page load)

Madron Saint’s Cell – Madron Holy Well, the Saint’s Cell, West Penwith, Cornwall, England

St Euny’s Well #2 – Growth – one of a pair of ancient wells at Chapel Euny, west of the Carn Euny settlement, Brane, near Sancreed, West Penwith, Cornwall, England