Taming the Inner Critic

First edition originally published August 15, 2014

Artists are usually their own harshest critics.?In my own studio, even if I am pleased with the results, sometimes that certain?inner voice complains that I’m still not painting fast enough. It’s up to us whether or not we listen to that voice, or to?the more uplifting one that says we are doing our best.

You may have read one of my previous posts,?A Relaxed Mind is a Creative Mind,?in which I shared some of my favorite tea tag quotes from both the Yogi and Traditional Medicinals brands of teas. Yesterday morning, my two tea bag tags worked well in tandem with each other:


Be proud of who you are.?2?

I thought, what a nice combination — a reminder to take a moment to remember your true self and all that may entail. Why beat yourself up over the length of an undone?to-do list?

My studio neighbor recently attended a weeklong art workshop. Last night he?showed me the results — he’d gotten four new pieces done, and was now applying the concepts in the studio to another?new piece. Taking this time away from the large painting he’d been working on for awhile helped him to open a new creative door, as he put it. In his new pieces, I?saw?an awakening of some dynamic visual breakthroughs.?For a couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling the call?to switch to a new piece?to reinvigorate?my practice?– in?the faster media of?charcoal or pastel, for example — so my friend’s inspiration, kindled?from working?quickly and with freedom?during this workshop, was infectious.

So instead of worrying about what we have to DO, why not just BE, and have fun with it? Let’s all create something experimental, unexpected, and freeing, and in releasing our Inner Critic’s expectation that everything has to be a just-so?Masterpiece, who knows? You just?might create?one.

All the best, and Namaste,


1.?“Pause” is a tea tag quote from Traditional Medicinals,?www.traditionalmedicinals.com?.? Used with permission.

2. ?“Be proud of who you are” is a Yogi tea tag quote, ?www.yogiproducts.com?. Used with permission.

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